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    My first post on bhw ;)

    I'll explain what I'm trying to do and would be really grateful for some guidance.

    Im setting up a lot of high quality blogs and will link these together . Then also create some more commercial sites which I will link to from the blogs. The main source of traffic will be google seo.

    I'm struggling with the following.

    1 hosting: what's the best/most manageable thing for stealth here? I've looked into cloudflare (would multiple cdn's work?), using a VPN? Using multiple hosts (which seems quite hard to manage, maybe I can use one server and reverse proxies on multiple hosts?), using Tor as a hidden service? Also will I need multiple dns providers (will using multiple free DNs providers be workable? Any good ones to use?) I know how to use Linux well, so ideally I'm looking to use one server and then to serve the requests through different ip/dns to keep things manageable.

    2 advertising: Adsense (clearly if I use this on all sites the same Id will be a flag to google? Ie don't use adsense on more than one site?), multiple ad networks (ad rite, chikita etc). Any other ideas?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Sorry if it's a lot of questions all at once.


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