Blog Site VS HTML Site - Which one you prefered?


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Dec 7, 2008
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I'm thinking which one all of you prefer to build a site? Blog site or html site?

I want to build a site which has forums, tutorials and so one. Which one you recommend?

I know that blog get indexed very fast and seems very good in SEO ranking.

Please give your opinion. Thanks! ;)
dude honestly if you want to survive on the internet Web 2.0 is what you should be doing

old HTML static pages are of no use these days. google "Web 2.0" and learn about it and yeah search the
forums before you start a thread this same question has been asked like a million times here.

I like to have stuff that's not looking like just one more site.
That's why I write my stuff in php, takes a lot longer than a common blog of course
I make my sites if possible only with wp. Much more advantages such as easy rewriters and other plugins that are a MUST HAVE
I can see the power of web 2.0. People like to give comments and also interact with the site's author. People like to listen, watch videos, than reading text on the web.

My concern is more to how the site should be look like for users if you would like to build a site which has forum, tutorials, and so on.

Can someone point me out how you can actually make a wordpress site doesn't just look like a blog site? If you know what i mean... :)

The main problem I have with doing everything with Wordpress is the built in editor is just a pain in the ass if you want to do specific things with the layout. I've tried pasting in the code after I've gotten what I like in Dreamweaver and it still looks wonky.

Not that I'm against using Wordpress. I'm starting to build a network of niche sites and I'll be auto posting away for years. Because my background is in design/layout, it bugs me that all my (Wordpress) sites kinda look like everyone else. Yea yea, I've seen plenty of templates, I've YET to find a Wordpress site that didn't smell of Wordpress.
That's what I feel also ... every wordpress site seems looks like everyone. But there are some that really looks great but gonna pay few hundreds for the design.

But I see that even thought many are using the template yet they are getting good traffic because they have great content in it!
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