Blog Relaunch - Impact on SEO?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Christophxamoom, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Hello and thanks for taking your time to read (and hopefully answer) my question.

    We are currently thinking of relaunching our Wordpress website because we are experiencing speed problems with it and canĀ“t figure out what the reason behind this is (checked used plugins, went through WP settings).

    My question is if someone of you has done the same and what was your experience with it. Are there any impacts on SEO if we move the content from 1 page to another one (Host will be wpengine)? Is relaunching the whole website a good idea to improve the speed?

    I am grateful for every contribution!
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    I think my answer is partially YES.
    Because, every page in your site has high authority which lead to increase your site's domain authority. If the page authority is affected, the rank of your site will gets down.

    So, if the content changed page has the same PA as the old page, it doesn't matter. But in some cases, backlinks will affect the PA and DA while changing the content from one page to other.

    This is only my assumption.