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    We have bought a blog network of 50 + PR1-5 blogs and have been selling handwritten links on these blogs through jv mail outs,our own list and warrior forums and the like.

    We wanted to see about getting someone to manage the day to day running of this project. We are after someone who would be willing to post promotional links of forums, run wso's, schedule auto responders, setup jv's with list owners etc. The would also be responsible for overseeing the writers (remotely) and ensuring they deliver quality to our

    We have a site we have been doing all the selling of this network at backlinkbasecamp dot com and sell between $2000 to $3000 worth of links a month.

    We are open to offers, We were however thinking 10% of the gross. IE you sell $3000 worth of links you make $300. I will pay whatever works, weekly, monthly, as jobs are done etc

    I am willing to share a good chunk of the profits to someone who is willing to own this as their own.

    Just shoot me any questions you might have and we can go from there.

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