Blog Hosted on Your own domain or Wordpress?

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    Say you have an article which you want ranked well for "Red Widgets", (because it gets enough monthly searches and the competition is low). This article will then link to your main money site so it's aim is to rank well to get visits, but also then get those visitors to go to your main money site.

    Do you feel the best way to go would be to
    1) Have your own domain and so it would be something like:

    2) or use blogging sites such as Wordpress and have the blog physically hosted on them, before pinging them all, which would presumably give them a higher chance of being spidered by Google then if they were hosted on your own domain?

    3) Something else?

    You see my thinking, regardless of whether this is affiliates or just a general website that you'd like extra traffic for, is to write articles that presell the main website, but also uses keyphrases which alone, should get the article listed high up on Google for.

    Do this hundreds of times, and get 100s of articles ranked in Google for 100s of different long tailed keywords which then all link to your website.

    I'm just wondering if, in this example, the blogs should be hosted on your domain or written and hosted on, say Wordpress.