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    As a blackhatter, the main problem I face when trying to rank for a niche keyword with my money site is the google spam penalty. Big G is highly adept at finding unnatural / aggressive link profiles and it seems sometimes that the only option left is to create good content, have patience and play by the rules..

    I say b*llocks to that. I plan to create a blog farm, and I've drawn up a diagram of how I think it's supposed to work. The main aim is to protect the money sites from being penalised or even de-indexed, while still pushing them up very quickly in the SERPs.

    Here's how it's meant to work:

    1. Create a few money sites in a carefully chosen niche
    2. Create a large number of blogs
    3. Build a few safe, natural looking links to the money sites (green arrows)
    4. Aggressive comment spam / link building on the blogs (red arrows)
    5. Build interlinks between the blogs. Add some content once every few weeks.
    6. The blogs gain page rank. Stick adsense on the blogs, should traffic begin to pick up.
    7. This page rank can now be directed towards the money sites using "clean links" in-content from the blogs, which big G will not identify as spam (big arrows)
    A good name for this process might be "link laundering". The blogs act as a shield to the money sites, turning dirty link spam into clean in-content links. When a blog gets de-indexed, the effect on the system is minimal, and another is set-up in its place.


    I would appreciate it if people who know more about this method could provide some advice. I have 2 main questions.

    • Is this a viable method for passing link juice to the money sites, or will the blog shield dilute the link juice too much for it to be worth it?
    • If it is worth doing, how many blogs should I set up?

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    Nice stuff, I like the way you've laid it out, simple yet effective - Thanks
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    great illustration.

    Do note that google do banned the sites based on aggressive linkbuilding or the discovery of some sort of mass interlinking architecture.
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    i like the picture. good way of forming out a good method.
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    It's not real good, there's far too much interlinking within the Adsense sites. Especially with the final 4 all linking to each other "and" all linking to your money sites which will put them at risk.

    Search patents for "Method for detecting link spam in hyperlinked databases" which Google got granted just this year and read about the detection and characteristics of spam nodes.

    BTW "Link Laundering" works best when the spam links are washed through a high trust domain like ******** social network profiles. Spamming links to splogs with no authority themselves, then linking them to the main site is like robbing from peter to give to paul. It can be done, but there's better ways.
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    Reciprocal linking is pretty much useless and can actually be damaging.

    I recommend using 1-way links or 3-way(triangle) linking as this will build much more link juice to your sites that you want to rank higher.