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Apr 9, 2017
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Hey There Fellow B.H Worlders!

I'm revamping this offer as a similar offer
was previously posted way back in 2009.

This project is being done on a BETA Testing
format in the first instance and if successful
will be formulated as an active offer.

I'm hiring people for an easy to do blog commenting,
liking and sharing job on my partnership site.
Site is operated by about 30 or so outreach partners
heading up a network.

You are expected to post 2 comments, like and share 3
posts each day, the url will be given along with the

Follow the above instructions on a daily basis and you
earn $6 then $1.50 for each day you complete the task.

Applicants must be willing, able to carry out the tasks assigned
for the qualified minimum 10 consecutive days within each month.
(should take you less than 10 - 15 minutes)


- You are able to follow simple instructions
- Signup as a member of our membership site network
- You're an international applicants who speak and write English well
- You have a Paypal account, where you can accept payments
- 10-15 minutes of your time daily
- Active Twitter account with 500+ followers
- Active Facebook fan page with 5000+ followers
- Active Pinterest account
- Active Linkedin account with 300+ connections

Further details on quality controls will be accessed via PM.

I will update the thread as soon as quota is met.
will be able to evaluate 100 new applicants daily,
so get going and submit your enquiry about the task.

Special "Double Up Offer" Now On, PM me to get details.

Reply here and send me a PM, if you're interested,
also mention if you can't PM yet, I will PM you.

Paypal payments: Please note that if you have a personal
account, you will not incur any fees from Paypal.

For persons operating a business merchant account with Paypal
Your account will charge the standard fees for accepting payments.

Those with a non business personal account, you won't be charged
with any fees, if you can't accept personal payments, paypal
standard fees will be applicable.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to update, amend, modify, reduce, extend, withdraw or terminate this offer at any time it may so determined to be fit and reasonable to do so. We maintain the option to expand or contract the list of requirements where deemed necessary to revise such list of requirements. In respect of performance delivery and applicant's ability to go beyond the minimum required activities we exercise the discretion to compensate for such additional activities but we're not compelled to perform same as a right or eligibility to the applicant.
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But for the social media accounts requirements, I would have been interested. ;)
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