Blog Comment Service: How NOT to Overpay for It

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    zeta reticuli
    I just read a useful blog post about Blog commenting service. Thought of sharing it to BHW communit, so I'm just copy pasting it. Don't blame me for that:). ALL the credit goes to
    In general blog commenting is great for growing the number of incoming one way links for your site.

    The only trouble is about certain number and strategies.
    Because you are EITHER overpaying seriously for the service that doesn?t cost that much OR you do not get real SEO juice from the backlinks (because commenting services give you lesser quality to be able to give a cheaper price).

    In this post I want to share my own experience about how to avoid the price ?black holes? that suck in tons of $$$ when you buy blog comment packages for SEO. I also want to show the quality standards ? what should be included into blog commenting package so that its backlinks give you real SEO juice and help you to increase ranks in search engines.

    Price ?Black hole? #1 ? What are the Links in the Package ? ********s or NoFollows?

    When you see huge blog comment backlink packages like 100,000, 500,000, 1mln or even higher ? this is almost a guarantee that these packages have lots of nofollow backlinks. And nofollows are official reported by Google to have no SEO value at all (if you don?t know what NoFollow is <= watch this video post).

    And if you email the seller and ask ? how many ******** pages are in the blog comment list where they will blast your comments to ? then you will notice that these packages usually shrink to much smaller numbers, like: 10k verified ********s, 5k verified ********s and smaller.
    So, don?t build your price about the package looking at the big numbers of comments promised. Better ask how many ******** comment pages will be in this list.

    Price ?Black hole? #2 ? Blast and Forget

    For blog comment providers the easiest way is to blast your comment with your backlink and then say ?let?s wait how many of them will get approved??
    Don?t be surprised that if you ask in the email correspondence with comment provider about the usual comment approval level, then the numbers will range ? but I personally met from ~70% approval level till as low as ~30%.

    Even these ~30% aren?t bad. But isn?t it more convenient to know that in advance. So that from the package of the 10k ******** backlinks you get only 3,000. 3,000 extra backlinks is cool, but you expected 10,000 ? and just because of failing to ask ? got into over-expectations.
    So, make sure to ask how many VERIFIED backlinks you will get from the package. Backlinks that you can check in the report and see with your own eyes.

    Price ?Black hole? #3 ? Pinging and Quickness of Results

    One more thing that commenting services usually hate doing is pinging. The advantages of pinging for your comments is huge. Just imagine that after blog comment with your backlink appear on a blog post page, it may take days or weeks or even more for search engines to get back to this page and re-index it ? with your backlink on it.
    This process can be pushed up by manual pining of all pages with your blog comment. This ensures that each and every backlink that was built on comments is indexed faster.

    Published ? pinged ? indexed!
    But, pinging ?eats? lots of technical resources. It is quite expensive.
    That is why often you can see that blog commenting services simply blast the comments and don?t ping the pages afterward. If you see a cheap price for the blog commenting package ? then it?s 99.999% that the package goes without pining. And it seriously stretches the time line for getting results from your comment backlinks.
    Whenever possible ? ask to ping your comments (comments with your backlinks inside) to speed up the indexing process.
    Price vs Quality:
    Possible to Pay Cheap and
    Get Real Results?

    It is important to understand that all these ?tricks? of giving you less quality are done by blog commenting services because they want to have cheaper price. Get yourself into the shoes of blog comment service owner ? ?I can put $20 on the 1,000 comment package (without pinging, without reports, with tons of nofollows in that 1,000 list, with only a small portion of backlinks that will get published) or I should put $$70-$80 on the same package (with all 100% verified, all ********s, pinged, reported, etc.) ? what should I choose??

    Most of the comment services will choose the cheaper/SEO ?weaker? package, because YOU, my dear blog readers, love cheap SEO prices.
    You?d better buy a cheaper package, instead of paying real money for the real job.

    And the owners of comment services ?follow the trend? and give you dirt-cheap packages. But, of course, they will not pay from their own pocket for such vital SEO things as pinging, they will not be investing $300-$500 into buying lists of ******** blog comment pages. They will not mess up with showing you reports where you can track your backlinks.
    My own verdict is that every time you buy cheap comment package, you steal your own time and money, because comment backlinks of high quality standard require serious investments into technological procedures (like pinging via proxies on dedicated servers, proxy lists, job with reporting, etc.)

    And if you see cheap price (let?s say $10 ? $30 for 1,000 comment backlinks), then be prepared to surprises like:

    - lots of nofollows in the list;
    - even if there are ********s, the approval rate is small;
    - no pinging after comment is published;
    - no reports.

    All these elements are vital for the success of blog comment backlinks. Without them you get only a tiny portion of what you should expect to get.
    Before you buy blog comment package ? ask if all these elements are available in the package.

    With this knowledge, even if you choose cheap package without all these elements ? then at least you will know what you are doing.
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    Very good information on blog cooment. I am looking for good blog commenting service. If you know any good service at cheaper rate than please tell me.
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    zeta reticuli
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    I personally use LinkPlow. He advertises on here and he's always over-delivered on links and delivers really fast.
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    Wouldn't mass pinging be trouble for your website? It'd probably be better to not ping your backlinks when buying in bulk.

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    Nice Guide Cyberzilla, However I am planning to buy a services from freelance, I've found some jobs in these freelancing sites, where people giving 500 - 1000 PR5+ Permanent Backlinks in really low prices. I haven't used them nor I am promoting it but would really like you to review it for us.

    I have also seen the buyers are giving very straight guidelines to seller regarding backlinks they wants in return on investment. like belows.

    For 1000 PR5+ Links
    * 1000+ PR5+ backlinks 
    * All links must be minimum PR5 or above
    * US Based English sites only
    * Page Rank is for page that has the backlink - not the homepage or other page on the site.
    * ALL backlinks must be DO FOLLOW... ALL links will be checked.
    * Text and Links MUST NOT BE "NO FOLLOW".
    * Only backlinks from English Websites in USA.
    *  Preference to those that can provide links around health, beauty, new  york area links, cosmetic / plastic surgery, breast implants, skincare,  spas, and those type of sites..
    * No spam links.
    * No link farms accepted.
    * One link per domain will be counted so 1000 links must come from 1000 different domains.
    * Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google, MSN and Yahoo within last 30 days.
    * Link page must be search engine friendly, that is no redirects, cloaking and other practices.
    * Page should not be excluded by robots.txt.
    * No links from "under construction" pages.
    * No sites which ask for money later.
    * No contextual ads sites, popups, intrusive advertising, etc. NO SPAMMING
    * No blog comment spamming, No ping sites, No links within newsgroups.
    *  No link from: torrent sites, file sharing forums, guestbooks,  classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs,  directories, articles submission, Free For All websites, hacker,  pharmacy, illegal, gambling, pornographic or black hat sites.
    * All links must be ONE WAY non-reciprocal links from relevant websites.
    * Links must be static HTML links. Including the target keywords I provide in anchor text.
    * Links must be permanent, active, never expiring.
    * Links must be in text, no graphics.
    * No use of black hat software. You must build links manually at 5-7 per day and spread them over at minimum of 30-45 days.
    * Staggered deployment of the links is required over 30 days to avoid any penalties.
    * I reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable.
    * Looking to pay between $75 to $150 
    * Detailed Excel file to be provided by you with all linking posts URLs once work is finished to be checked before payment.
    * Will provide you with the anchor text you need to use and any other relevant information.
    * Reference. Show the past link building work you've completed. It will be held in confidence.
    * Experience is important and proof of quality work and extensive experience is required.
    The  link builder should be highly experienced. Must know how to check that  links are good. Please do not bid if you have limited or no link  building experience. 
    Please note: White-hat is crucial and required. Black-hat or Grey-hat methods will not be accepted nor paid for.
    You  will need to provide me with the following spreadsheet before payment  is made: Link site exact URL (clickable hyperlink), Site Name, Site  Type, Google Page Rank and IP address as well as the date placed.
    Once  a price is negotiated, I will set up a milestone payment for 25% of the  payment. Once 25% of the links are verified, I will release payment and  setup the next 25% payment, etc..   
    I think in these circumstance you should end with good result.
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    I do not agree either with the statement about nofollow links, not at all....

    1. they have a certain value while I ranked sites with over 90% nofollow links

    2. they make a link building campaign look more legit