Blog Backlinks - Quick Question


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Aug 1, 2010
If I find a blog that auto-approves comments, does it make sense to scrape the blog domain to find all of the posts and comment on all of that blog domain's pages? Will all those backlinks count, or does g00gle count backlinks only from different domains?
It would be much more effective if you found many different blogs and got one link each, like you would do using Scrapebox, for example. If you spam an entire blog, it is likely that those links will be completely discounted by Google as it finds them all. If every post is identical, Google will punish you for sure.

If all the posts are unique and relevant to the pages they are on, it is possible that Google will accept that as OK. But doing it on every page is just asking for trouble.
I'd suggest no more than around 5 comments per blog, on the highest PR pages you can find.
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