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    Hi my friends,

    I'm writing this post as I'm not sure what is going on with 2 of my blogs. Here I will write whole description of what I was doing and what is going on at the moment.

    I have started 2 blogs at the same time writing about Amazon products. Every post have 1 Google ad and 2 product descriptions (picture and name of a product are linked to its Amazon selling page).

    Now, I have written about 15-20 unique posts for every blog with around 900 words per post. During about 2 week period while I was writing posts, I was simultaneously creating back links for those posts and every of them have 20-50 back links.

    For majority of targeted key words my posts were in top20 some of them in top10 on Google search results. I was starting to get some descent traffic and everything was fine for about the month.

    All the sudden, one blog got completely deindexed on Google while other is showing about 250 indexed pages, but they are not receiving any traffic from Google at all for last 10 days.

    Just to mention, bot of them have similar template that is provided as free from one template making company and I have kept link to them. Haven't doing anything with template except changing logo. On main page, I'm showing 2 posts, so on main page I have 2 Google Ads and 4 products with link and picture linked to Amazon product.

    Can someone tell what could be wrong and why my site got deindexed and why other is dropped from search results? What should I do next? Do you advice me to continue working on them or to drop them?