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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Kryptik, Jun 21, 2011.

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    I finally broke down and acquired scrape box and senuke.

    I have a music sharing/hosting website that I've started and I'm looking to increase it in the serps.

    I own 6 .info domains that redirect to the main .com

    Curious if I do massive blasts to the .info's, can that effect my main website?

    on a side note my site is updated with several new pages per day, and music is shared (and thus linked to) by fb and twitter on a regular basis by multiple users, plus embedded and linked to by various blogs.

    Domain is over 1 year old.

    With it's age and regular new content, should I be concerned about getting sandboxed at all?

    My main goal is traffic. I've tried various cheap traffic services, and they simply aren't effective for my needs.
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    Bro nice work on getting two primary tools to start your SEO journey.

    What you should be doing first is linking to the .info without the 301 in place.

    Then wait a couple days and see which ones stick then input the 301 on the .info.

    A 301 is a permanent redirect so if you do the 301 at the start there is a chance you can still penalize your money site as thats where the 301 ends, so by waiting you totally avoid that happening.

    Just my thoughts anyway.
    Good luck.