Blast Main or Other linking Sites?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Dshah, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I have been reading through various posts here on bhw and learned a lot. thanks to bhw community. Now after getting some money with adsense and CPA networks I decided to get xrumer which i will have in couple of days waiting for license. already bought Scrapebox but only using to post manually on blogs.

    My question is i read on various posts here to blast your main site and in some posts they mention to blast property site or profile type sites. So please can someone explain it which method is good.

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    Linking to links, linking to free blogs or Web2.0 real estate which link to you is basically what your describing.

    There are many methods which work and it depends on your overall market and strategy.

    Some people have 10 sites with one page of content like a with relevant content linking to the money page. They would then mass link to the page. Some people believe that google will sandbox a site for too many links, others think this is rubbish.

    The answer simply is mix it up.

    Use: Directories, Press Releases, Social Media, Web2.0 or SENUKE structures, mass linking to main site. Mass linking to the linking pages going to your main site.

    Find tools and processes which work for you. Do one thing at a time and get good at each one of them.

    But always remember that Google is always watching so if your bounce rate is supper high you will get dropped out of the indexing anyway.