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May 26, 2008
Hey. I was wondering, if you blank the referer on CPA networks, do they seriously approve your leads and let you cash out? Isn't it completely obvious that the clicks aren't natural and have some type of interference from a script? Or do they know this but aren't able to do anything because they have no proof that the source of the clicks was against their ToS? Finally, has anyone here actually gotten their money after they blanked their referer, specifically on hydra, which I'm currently using. Thanks
ahh that makes sense, but when they ask how I was ripped off, what do I say? Someone copied my website or something?
No, say another network dropped you because they didn't need you anymore, after they found your landing page and created one just like it!
ok sounds awesome, thanks guys :)

PS: another question...

I know you can double meta refresh to the url of your offer link, but what about your banner? The impressions of the banner will have the referer of your page, so that will give your URL away, wouldn't it? Or do you guys just use text only ads to stay safe, and not send any impression info to the cpa network?
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If you're blanking the referrer, just say what most white-hatters say when they do it: I don't want my method getting out. This is what I was told to say, though I've blanked ALL of my referrers and have never been questioned.

Also, impressions usually don't matter with any network. I've noticed that even when I'm getting legit impressions, some networks just don't even count them.
counted or not, the referer from the banner impressions would be of your site and would defeat the purpose of blanking the referer when the user clicks the offer, wouldn't it?
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