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    Ok I hope I don't get flamed for this but here is my situation. I'm using CL to run a campain. I'm getting e-mails back and I put my cloaked affiliate link. I already have one sign up on a high paying offer. They don't allow solo e-mail referrals.

    The issue is I feel like I'm going to get banned because I'm not Dmr or blanking. I've been reading for the past 2 months and I should have taken care of this before I started the campain. I just wanted to see if it would convert.

    So I have about 25 emails sitting in my inbox that I want to reply to but I don't know how to hide my footprints. I've read Brads guide and many more post. I know the idea but then I don't have a domain/ host/ or no how to use wordpress and no funds till I get my paypal account verified.

    Is there anyway I can cover my tracks without building a wordpress blog?
    Do sites like hxxp// work? If anyone would be kind enough to help me then I would be grateful.

    I know this has been gone over many of times but I just can't figure it out. Thank you guys if it wasn't for you I would soon be out on the street.
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    You could just use like tinyurl or something. But I recommend just getting a .info and free hosting at or Then use the DMR to blank your referrer :)
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    I would think its better to get a proper DMR going (or faker via php ref method) on your site mate.

    But if you wanted to clear those emails ASAP through a blanker while you set it up ive had these ones bookmarked (although not used them):

    These two seem to redirect instantly (rather than a 5 second counter as the ones above)

    Plus ALWAYS check to make sure the referrer is being blanked. There are numerous sites to do this, like:

    I think I read somewhere that *********** doesnt blank referrer anymore ? :confused:
    I may be wrong, but if you decide to use them, just make sure you check its been blanked correctly first!

    Hope that helps mate :)
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