Blah, Blah, Blah, This is not important, but I Needed To Clear The Air

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    Please dont leave comments. I wont read them.

    I have received messages that I text celebrities and/or that I have met them. This rumor is not true. Bad things were said to my immediate family and has been written in blogs which caused a painful headache on my parents life. I dont like it. I am embarrassed.

    To those of you who obviously know about my situation, I kept saying over and over again, other females have similar facial features who use my name to get what they want. And their actions has hurt more than just me. I am not apologizing for my actions which I know I have not done or said. I am not affiliated with the police, government or church affiliations. And get this, I dont socialize with anybody. So why are people saying that I have met or text celebrities?

    I never got into meeting and hanging out with celebrities. Im still trying to get my life financially together. I dont have time for that. However, since celebrity family members strongly feel that I have text them or otherwise, if you dont desire to resolve this situation in person, I am asking to please keep my name out of blogs and other streams of media. I am so innocent, that when I go back home in a few weeks, I will consult an entertainment attorney and let her handle it. We can meet in person so those of you who are celebrities can see, that I have not met you.

    Now, that I have cleared the air, BHW I will begin to do video tutorials, if you like what I do and if it benefits you, please let me know as the weeks pass.

    Im looking forward to giving back.:cool:

    Again, please dont leave comments, because I will not read it. This thing of breaking me down emotionally over something that I did not do or start must stop. I will not write another thread about this again. I use this forum for business and to learn strategies on how to make more money. That is it!
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    Am i the only guy that has no clue what this is about but somewhat fascinated by it?
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    huh... Sleepwriting