Blacklist of bad like sellers? (differentiate between high and low quality services)

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by GeorgeX, Aug 14, 2014.

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    Aug 14, 2014
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    Is there something like a "blacklist" of bad/scam fb-like-selling services? My last experience with a "buy cheap facebook likes service" was very bad.
    So now Im thinking about how to prevent myself (and others) next time for paying to a bad service.
    Using services offered here in the marketplace seems to be better choice than just using google to find one?!
    Anyway, if there is a blacklist of bad domains offering bad services, I look forward to post the name of the service I got ripped of.
    (due to strict forum rules I won't post the url until I got the permission from an admin/mod)
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    There is a section on bhw called shitlist where users can report seller that either scammed or provided bad service or not what they they promised to offer.
    You can check bhw marketplace for social media there are tons of good seller.
    But just don't go by names or cheap prices make sure you check reviews what others have to say about the service there reviews latest update or if you still have any doubt contact the buyer.
    And if you get scammed by bhw member report it in the shitlist so either you can get your money back or admin would take care of the account and the reputation of seller .
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    Follow this and you should be fine because we have Shitlist here which takes care of any bad service.