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    Feb 8, 2008
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    I signed up to blacklabelads and already set up the banners. Im just confused, because my CTR is so low, like 0.7%. Why would any visitors click on the banners anyway when it only says, advertise on this site? And will base the CPM on CTR. Are anyone here into blacklabelads?
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    Mar 31, 2008
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    go to "manage ad zone" -> "more" -> "ad zone preferences" -> "pricing options" -> "Are you already using other ad networks?" chose YES
    chose something under $0.10 eCPM (i suggest 0.04-0.07)
    make an acount to etology and setup an ad zone similar with the one from blacklabelads. get the code from etology, go back to blacklabel and paste it where says "Paste the HTML snippet from your other network (Google AdSense, Burst,, etc.)"

    why? because etology has cheaper ads but they appears even in the regions where blacklabel don't display any ads.

    if you need assistance, you can signup to etology under my affiliate :p (i'm with this networks for over 1 year.)