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Only thing I wish this forum had is the feature below that I've seen elsewhere that helps keep large images from blowing up the thread.



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Yes, I'm logged in with quite a few others as we speak.

Strange, the server hasn't been letting me connect for a while now. The connection keeps timing out and I can't connect at all, let alone join the channel.
As Blackhatworld is getting bigger, I think would be great if those who are not members would not be able to see the content. Maybe they could see it but not able to view links and stuff.

Another thing I would be happy with is that if we had something like JrVip but level higher. So something between exec Vips and JrVips. The reason for that is that I have noticed so many questions from JrVips that really shows lack of understaing and knowledge. And also since its gettong bigger more and more people are upgrading to JrVips. That on the other hand means there are more and more leechers and douche-bags who steal info from there. I have had like 3 of my shares in JrVip sold on DP by some JrVip guys. And to be honest there is a lot I and others would like to share , but feel that It is just not secure enough. But also, the reason we share info in JrVip is because we dont want it to be saturated , but if we have more and more JrVips , the info will get saturated quicker. So maybe solution would be making it harder to get into JrVip or adding another level between JrVip and exec Vip.

Another thing that comes in head is adding few sections like "journal" sections etc.

These are the initial thoughts that pop n my head.
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If there was one thing I would want to change, it would be to make it more of a "private" forum somehow.
I agree with this need to make it more private Its time to make bhw more of a family And not just letting anyone in i'd say invoke a membership fee. As this will hopefully stop the spamers and what not. (i wouldnt want to pay a membership fee to get banned for bs)
Only thing I wish this forum had is the feature below that I've seen elsewhere that helps keep large images from blowing up the thread.

I agree - having to scroll horizontally to read the longer posts pisses the :chef2: out of me.

It'd also be pleasant if we could be notified (in the same manner as we are for PMs, i.e. a pop up) when someone quotes a post of ours, since this usually means they are:

A) responding to a question we posted or

B) are asking for clarification on what we meant when we posted a reply to their question, etc.
New section that can be usefull imo are :
- newbee one where all "need 100k$/hour asap" thread can go
- a tutorial part perhaps with different "level" (0:guest / 1: < 50 post / 2 : < 100 / 3 : JrVip / 4: Usefull JrVip / 5 : VIP
- a journal one
I know it's some work to implement and there ever a lot of part but it's just ideas :)

An another good thing can be a "live teaching session" every week or every month by some expert on the IRC chatroom. It's can be nice to speak directly about a hot thing and it can 'burst' a little the Irc life ;)

More part closed for guest can be nice too for not every thing can be grab by google (but I wouldn't find BHW without that :confused: )
I'll cast a vote for making forum content blocked unless you are logged in. Random trolls can just look at our postings right now. That kinda sucks.

I think we should have a system set up for invites similar to how demonoid does it. Base it off of posts, thanks, or rep. But not everyone here should have 100 invites immediately.

Maybe add a rule stating that creating "How do I make $300 in 5 days?" type of posts result in an insta-ban. They offer zero value and muck up the rest of the useful posts that we are looking through.
making the forum paid to stop all noobs from making shit
Making the forum paid only is great for those who are already making money.

What about new members who want to learn how to make some?
Not every newb is a noob, and that's why the ban hammer has been tight. If you think that there are way too many noob posts, start reporting.

Besides, there's already the Jr.Vip section, that more than being about sharing methods, is about people working together and sharing toughts and ideas.
It's paid, noob proof (almost), and you're free to join. Your paid version of BHW, just like you wanted it.

Things this forum needs to see improved is the search function. I've useed many forums before, but I can never get what I want with the search in this one.
I usually resort to google with the keywords I want and then ''.

Also, some cleanup on the less visited sections like the domain and hosting sections. In the domain section there is 5 or 6 new threads every week asking "how much is this domain worth?", and in the hosting section there's at least one topic every week asking what's the best shared/dedicated hosting service.
A sticky would probably prevent people from doing this (or not).

Another thing (nitpicky) is that the PMs sent should be automatically saved. I always forget to check the box, and when making deals with other members it's important to save a copy. So, saving by default would be handy.

Finally, to cleanup the forum, there should be a moderator just to ban people for "retardness". I don't think it's in the forum rules, therefore I'm always hesitant in clicking 'report', but there are replys so out of the normal behaviour/offtopic/plain retarded that I don't see that user banned as a great loss to the forum.

Edit: I saw that the post I was mentioning was deleted, I don't know if by a mod or by the user itself, but to anyone interested it's the second quote of my post in that thread.

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Only thing I wish this forum had is the feature below that I've seen elsewhere that helps keep large images from blowing up the thread.

I agree, this is something that makes a thread hard to read when large images are posted..

I hate scrolling from left to right to try and read the whole post..
Jeesh - where do I start - well, for me the only thing I would like to see is pm emails to the mods responded to

If they cannot / will not respond to well thought out, genuine emails about genuine concerns how do they expect to be seen as worth investing in
I think downloads section shud be just available for accounts with 40-50 and above post. And also, make money making section hidden for guests.
i just don't like the idea of too many people using the tactics that you all use (and that i'll be using soon hopefully) and saturate the market with crappy links... that's all i'm worried about.
More hookers and alcohol for everyone :tee:

With all the threads for journals, that would be a good addition to the forum [a place for them]
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