Blackhatting the exif data?

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    Oct 23, 2014
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    I've been reading info on the exif data and optimizing images for seo, and about how geodata from the exif data can help with local seo. But I was wondering if one were to take an image that was of something from one region of the world but inject geo-tagging showing that it was taken elsewhere help with ranking when people near the injected geodata do searches?
    For example would a picture of the golden gate bridge show up higher when someone in boston searches for "Golden Gate Bridge" if I inject some geodata showing it was "taken" in Boston vs leaving the geodata out.

    I have enough image gallaries to add geodata to each one,that I'll be able to target every major metropolitan area of the English Speaking world, so I'm slightly considering that in addition to the regular SEO I'll be doing on the website and images.

    I've seen how pewdiepie increased his popularity by uploading videos from different countries, so he was able to target people in those countries when searching on youtube. So I think it could work with regular image searches on google.
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