Blackhatting for the greater good; and for profit!

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    Cashtexts is an invitation-only SMS marketing website. You make money by receiving SMS advertisments, from just one up to 5 times per day. You make lots of money by referring other numbers under you. You can use Google Voice numbers, and you can forward all of them to a burner cell. It's 25 cents per day (5 per message) for the number you register with, plus 3 cents per message (up to 15 cents per day) for each number under you. It's pretty easy to get yourself up to $1 per day (5 numbers under you), and all for a few minutes of work setting up the numbers. Set up 32 Google Voice numbers under you (takes an hour or two) and you're at $5/day, on autopilot.

    But here's the best part. When you PM me, I'll give you my referral link which will give you access to this easy moneymaking system (and I'm not going to charge you, this isn't a WSO or something). Obviously my account is going to profit by me referring you all; but, money made on my account is going to charities across the US. ASPCA, Feed the Children, First Book, and the Wikimedia Foundation among others. It's all part of the Open-Aid initiative to let people donate to worthy causes without having to spend a cent. PM me today, and get started making your first internet dollars while making money for a very worthy cause.
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    its too risky if you register it under itself...because they can see that there are the same ip...