Blackhat World down ?


Oct 12, 2008
Since one or two days I've often experienced that BHW is dead for a short or a longer time.

Anyone an idea what is going on ?
I had kinda the same thing...It was a 502 Error... I don't know, Im in the US....

It only happens sometimes though!?!?!
yeh same here. i been struggling to access it. until i searched bhw on google and clicked from there to a thread. seems fine now
Probably some hackers trying to DDoS it or something. But the backups probably kick in but I'm not familiar with security here so not sure.
We got it back now!!... I was having problems on about 8 different sites?!!?!... Kinda strange ??....Oh well, it's up now!
glad to be back!!!!!!!!!!!
lol.. i was so frustrated because i didnt have anything to do!! damn it! hahaha
It was down for me whole day some gateway problem (what ever that is)
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Today it was really long I think.
It does not look like ddos

I've been searching the net for other similar forums a bit while BHW was gone as time got boring.
I found only crap, it looks like BHW is the one and only real forum on this topic.
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Great, I think I was sleeping through that whole period, so I didnt miss anything. Can we shut down the forum all the time while I am sleeping? :p
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