Blackhat vs Whitehat what's the tradeoff?...

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    I don't mean to start controversy but in my journey to make the big bucks I've found some interesting concepts I would love to hear some pro opinions on.

    I feel like Blackhat is a game of numbers vice Whitehat is a game of quality.....

    So where is the money?

    Whitehat = actual content and a concerted effort to build traffic to quality income producing links.

    Blackhat = bogus content and concerted effort to build traffic to high payoff conversions.

    I'm primarily a whitehat (that uses plenty of blackhat tricks) Just looking for some clarification or motivation to go straight traffic junkie.

    My very limited experience has told me targeted traffic is where it's at.

    Am I way wrong? I wanna know.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has dialed in the tradeoff of targeted traffic to untargeted traffic. Email is awesome but still, my targeted traffic is 100% of my income. Everytime I try mass stuff i get nothing. With over 20k in emails and targeted traffic I think I could be wrong......

    Just trying to stoke the conversation... I highly respect the pros around here and would love some feedback.


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