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    For many years up to now i have worked with many black hat products in order to achieve high rankings.
    I have worked with cloaking, doorways, etc..
    I always have been very sceptical at this kind of tools, since in my opinion from my experience most of these tools doesn't really work, or have limited results at a long term run.
    You can see to my posts that lastly i was very concerned over TopGen + ProSubmitter.
    I do not use to judge one product without to have tested it. I saw many saying that it doesn't work and only a few , 2-3, to claim that they really got money from this.
    So, my opinion regarding it, is that it doesn't work, or if you like it doesn't work as I would like to work.

    One product which for me which really worth it's money and i always get good results is XRumer, you can check also my posts and comments regarding it.
    Fantastic program , which if it used wisely can achieve great things, and the best of all is that it can be used both for White and Black Hat. You need just to be wisely and to think out of the box.

    Third tool that i have been used recently is
    At the start i was really very sceptical but as i told you if i haven't tried something i do not use to make my opinion and to post it.
    Starting from the price is suprisigly low with what it offers to you, so i decided to start with it and build 1-2 sites. My opinion is that it is the best ever tool for this kind of black hat technics. You get at very low price, tools that deserves many $.$$$, unlimited access to these and tools that WORKING.
    As for support, it is something than great. Owner of the site is 18 hours /day online and always kind and willing to help and even learn you how to use these tools.
    Great products that if was 2 or 3 times price up i will keep use these, since i will get my money shortly.

    With a combination of and XRumer in order to build links i got GREAT results in few days-weeks.

    As a conclusion i have to say that if you like to experiment and play with black hat tools give a try to these systems and surely you will not be dissapointed.
    Anyone that has further questions about these 3 tools don't hesitate to contact me.

    Good luck to all BHW members!!!

    * Sorry for my bad englidh though
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    I can't seem to get a hold of the owner of Blackhat systems,,lol
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    Sorry Ashley_Loves_U ...

    I have been away and I posted a reply to the thread you started. I hope it explains what happened to me.
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    I find that all the tools, such as SEnukeX still work for me!

    Are any of the automated tools perfect? NO!

    But they are better than doing these tasks manually so I continue to use these and I continue to see good/decent results...

    Its a tug or war and there is too much money on the line that SEnukeX or other automated tools are NOT going to figure it out.

    Its a game between automated tools and the sites they spam and the automated tools are a lot more motivated to figure it out b/c they have the most to lose.

    The spammer is always 2 steps ahead of who ever is trying to stop it, b/c the financial motive is so much higher in the spammers mind.

    To the death, we battle...the spammer will always figure out a work around!
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    Why the hell are you bumping a 3 year old post?