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    If you are new to the BH game there are a few tricks that likely still apply since I first started. This is geared towards affiliate marketing and some SEO - current B'hatters please correct me if things have changed.

    1) If using a domain, use a blackhat friendly domain registrar to avoid getting your domain deleted. Gandi . net has been solid for me for years. They are pricey but I've only lost one domain and that was due to a legal action from a french pharmaceutical company which was based in their country (France). Even then it took 2 years to take me down!

    2) Use proxies if you are using tools and things that need them. If you are running things from your home computer rather than a server and dont understand how to tunnel then a quick and somewhat okay solution is findnot . com

    3) Get bulletproof hosting if you dont mind paying alot. If you want to get creative (and you are hitting things hard) create a website offering free hosting and build your websites on your newly created free host. Get a server at a datacenter that is not anal about spam complaints etc. (Netnation . com gave me a 1 week window to deal with complaints which is enough time to redirect traffic or whatever you need to do). If complaints do come in, you blame it on one of your free hosting clients and tell them you have taken measure to fix the problem.

    BUM Marketing on Steroids

    It's pretty common to leverage authority domains (digg, squidoo etc) by throwing links at them, but keeping your identity intact and not pissing off affiliate programs is more of a challenge. Here's what I've done:

    1) build a throwaway website which you link to from digg or whatever
    2) create hidden links using php. People come to the site, click through your offer and this sends them to another "clean site". There is no visible way they know what the clean site is. (I can provide an update with how to do this later).
    3) Your clean site where people are directed has a php script which then redirects traffic to the actual order form or affiliate program. This site appears normal to visitors but contains a script that automatically redirects if the traffic is coming from your throw away domain you built (see point 1 above).


    If you do these things you can insulate yourself from complaints at the domain, hosting and affiliate program level. Authority sites may still ban you and your data center may give you a hard time, but it's better than no protection at all.

    I realize that the info is not highly detailed but if there is some interest in the post I can go into greater detail.

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    Good methods, very original.

    However, the usual hardcore antis will just wait until your last link and complain to your affiliate link, and that's deadly.

    Unless you do sales and then batching from your end, completely hidden from your end buyer.