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BlackHat SEO Experts strategy for an awkward combination

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by TheGamer, May 3, 2013.

  1. TheGamer

    TheGamer Regular Member

    Mar 25, 2013
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    Hey Blackhatters

    I am running a website that is an online health resource basically. However I also plan to sell supplements on it later. I have been using Magic Submitter for my campaign and its been going alright so far. However I would like to discuss with the gurus over here my overall strategy and get their valuable input.

    Basically I just don?t want it to be another supplements store for me to earn money. This is because of my background. I used to suffer from chronic joint pain and also chronic fatigue syndrome for 10 years and I am just 28! Tried everything, but no doctor had an idea. Tried Zinc supplement last year, changed my life, was full of energy but the join pain was still there. After a month, found out that I was allergic to tannins which is found in tea, coffee, barley and so many fruits as well. Throughout this journey people sharing the stuff on the Web was the main thing that helped me. In fact it was a online post by a housewife :) that I checked out one morning last year that said majority of migraine sufferers are actually allergic to tannins (according to one researcher in 1990s) however doctors simply ignore this thing.

    So till that day almost 7-8 months ago I have been working on the website. I am a programmer myself. I have hired multiple writers throughout to produce articles everyday on our website that would help people out there with similar problems. However these writers need to be paid and I cant carry on paying them from my own pocket so I decided I would sell some vitamin and other supplements. This part has been planned quite well and is moving in the right direction.

    Now to marketing part, paid traffic/ads is out of question, no budget for it :) However I have been using MS and its been going pretty good, On first page of Google for several terms. However it?s the overall strategy for promoting this website that I am confused about. You see, it is a health resource but at the same time I would open an online shop. So I would want to discuss with any expert on this forum what keywords would they target and why. Am I targeting the right keywords? Not sure if I should mention the website name here or not? I can PM you it though.

    Thanks a lot!