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    I just was thinking what I could share with the forum, and came with the conclusion that at this moment I can't give you any tip on making money... BUT I know some of you play any instrument (mostly guitar) and you surely have "musical doubts". So I can help you with some music topics like:

    - Harmony
    - Orchestration (classical & popular music)
    - Composition (you can show me your music and maybe I can help you with some tips for making your music better)
    - Sheet music reading & writing
    - Guitar (chords, scales, techniques)
    - Piano

    BlackHat Music: well, here's the BH part: everybody here knows that if they want to make a website quickly, they just have to take a template, modify it a bit, write some things and finally upload it.

    It's the same for the music. There are MANY templates used by all the bands nowadays made by the arrangers. Those templates just WORK (they are in the people's minds) and that can make you famous in a short time (that can make you earn some $$$).

    I want to share this with the forum the same way you shared with me many useful ideas about making money.

    We can also form an online band called "BLACKHAT BOYS"! (LOL)

    I hope I can help anybody.