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well i dont no if this is possible i have asked a couple of people with no response so far so im asking everyone at once
well i was thinking for a program

it scrapes content of the net then it rewrites it then publishes it to your website auto would this be a good idear since people love automated scraped stuff how about making it rewritten so google ranks you even better

p.s dont kill me if there is a tool what does it if there is please point me the link sorry if there is cant find any with the search bar

does no one think that this is a good idear or do you just hate me.....
I think its a great idea yes but all you'd really be doing is combining two existing ideas and not (from what I can see) adding any more functionality. There are scripts/wp plugins that do both of these tasks independantly and I'm fairly sure both can be automated.

I guess some people would pay for the convenience though.
yeah but if it does all in 1 you would be able to have unlimted content right?
lol, I don't hate you.
So, here is my answer:
That would be a great idea, I don't know if there is something like that... but I think I could make something similar...
Read RSS, Make it unique by using the idea of synonyms or Translate it to several languages and back to English, and then publish it on WP.
intresting and just for a bonus you might as well add an ftp system lol and are ya really gonna make one?
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is nobody going to try and make one of these im sure people will want dont you?
Hey mr4army, you're trying to reinvent the wheel. Use the search button, and you'll find out what I mean.

P.S.: I'm assuming you're not kidding, but it's almost as if you were.
This is a good idea and I for one would most probably buy it.
Guys, before we discuss this into detail, some things need to be clear. The automatic rewritting sw, would be a golden goose for every BHW out there, however, situation is not that simple. First, it is very hard, even for human being whose first language is not English to rewrite article using common rewritting software (such as WordFlood). Next, the change made by automatically applying synonyms substitution is too small to go unnoticed by big G. There are some academic research that can produce results that can even fool human reviewers, but are usually targeted to subject, on which reviewer has little or no knowledge (so wrong use of methodology can pass without problems).
I had an idea of writting a sort of article generator, but based on human input (such as, i input something like: positive-use, and program generates: This product is characterised by distincitve ease-of-use and has left remarkable positive experience on me during the test period), but since I have little time, this is put on hold.
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you do know it doesnt have to be some super article rewriter just enough to make it a tad diffrent its blackhat we dont usally care about the vistor depending on the aim
I know that, but bl*ody big G is so sophisticated, that it is a constant uphill fight against them. I will see what I can do in January and February and perhaps offer something to the public.

you do know it doesnt have to be some super article rewriter just enough to make it a tad diffrent its blackhat we dont usally care about the vistor depending on the aim
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