Blackhat email marketing advice?

The access you got is illegal, it's stealing

now back on topic, I thought this was a really interesting read until two guys took over the thread and started arguing.

shall we get back to the question OP had in the beginning? So far I haven’t seen any answer to that only a bunch of bla bla bla.
It’s that I did some email marketing in the ancient times and times have changed so I know a bit less or I would have helped you OP.
I want to give a special thanks to a person in this thread who will remain nameless by their request for helping me get on ppc. Gotta go I got a part time job at McDonalds while my ppc traffic is holding it down online.

ppc so eazy.jpg
You need to warm up an SMTP server before sending large amounts of emails and make sure you're getting whitelisted on those addresses to not hit their Spam box. it ain't comes easy
I have a list and I have an offer, it would be my services I can offer at least 3 different services.

What do you guys recommend me to use to send emails I say I have around 100k emails I can get more.

Next step is clean up list but im stuck on what to use to send these services or even how to learn to warm up emails etc.

@UncLe Spam

I see you have a lot of knowledge any advice on this ?
Looks like I'm a little late to this thread. IDK why email isn't a public forum and is hidden in the JV section but w/e.

To send 400K in a reasonable amount of time you'll need to work with either your own setup or someone who has the tools to streamline the process for you. Mailing is still by far the best way to promote anything but there are challenges involved, such as building up rep and maintaining delivery performance. I'll drop a freebie for you:

If your list is mostly one or two domains, you will not be able to send at a high rate. In the past you could increase speed by stacking IP addresses, but if you do this today, it will cause the IP block (the entire /24) to get you are limited to 2-4 IPs per domain for sending NON-TRANSACTIONAL email.

The guy here who posted the mailer king sending 3,700 per minute was not sending at that volume to hotmail or gmail only. The list has to have a good diversity of domains, called GI (General Internet). You can blast out a lot of mail to a GI list but at the same time it has a high chance of getting your IPs on spamhaus because it will almost certainly be full of traps. So unless you are using a mailing system like DGMS, which profiles each domain and does deep DNS queries to identify the true owners of particular domains in real time, you aren't going to be sending much of anything.

The other thing that you need to understand when mailing is that you will need AT LEAST two weeks from the day you start mailing to warm your IPs and domains. While you are doing this, you can't be sending promo emails. You have to send something mail without links or anything. A good choose would be a "welcome" email, like "thank you for registering with us". Or 'email verification'.

Once you start mailing, you shouldn't stop. You should mail CONSISTENTLY each day. You can't start and stop or you will overall hurt your rep. That means your daily target volume should be LIST SIZE divided by 5. If your list is 400K, then the max you should send is 80K per day (if your goal is to maintain rep). If you have a small list and resend to the same recipients each day, it will ultimately cause your rep to drop.

I've been doing this for over 10 years and while most of my colleagues have disappeared, I'm still around. :) That is a testament to the fact that my ways of mailing are effective. BHW has decent people on there but for every one honest person there's 20 scammers/bullshitters who promise a lot and either don't deliver or just rip you off. It is wise to make a contact list of honorable people that you meet, either on BHW or anywhere else.
Because BHW had to bow down around 10 years ago to certain demands. It was public once.

Yeah, I was here when it was public. I don't think they should have moved it just because they were getting threats from some anti-spam nutjobs. Trademark your IPs and your domain(s) as these are unique identifiers for your business, and if they list them on a block list, you can sue them for trademark infringement. So far I haven't had to go beyond a cease and desist letter to get my IPs removed, except for one time, where I filed my claim in court and they quickly folded because they knew they were going to lose. Trademarks (and copyright) are cut and dry.
I got 20-40M emails from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and germany in country segments.
currently I just use them to remarket my own products in shopify. These emails are my previous clients.
so the questions is...

is there anyway to spam them with affiliate nutra offers or sweepstakes offer?
currently those emails are in klaviyo. I can export them out any time.
but sending 400K @ 4K per day is going to take over 3 months. DGMS blows this out of the water.
What are you talking about? I have stopped mailing for right now but... I have a friend right now who is mailing with Mailer King and buying accounts very cheap. He is sending a million a day doing ppc dating offers. With the right connections for accounts and using Mailer KIng you can send out endless amounts of emails. All the web methods on the mailer are dead of course. So him and I have used and been using SMTP. Here I'll throw this thread a bone: OUTLOOK via SMTP = $
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