Blackhat Coders Wanted

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    Looking for blackhat coders.

    LAMP developers preferred only because that's what I know best which means I can help you out a lot if you ever get stuck. I don't expect you to have a CS or CE degree but you should at least know what indexes and joins are in MySQL. If you program in something besides PHP that's OK, I just may not be able to help you as much with the programming side of things.

    I pay $1,000 per script created + 50% revshare for script management. That way if an idea bombs you still have a little bit of money in your pocket and if a script is successful all you have to do is manage the script. I manage all other aspects (providing advertisers, dedicated servers, private proxies, scraped content databases if necessary, captcha farms/account creation, getting you paid, etc.).

    If you are new to the business this is a great way to work with someone experienced and get your feet wet.

    If you're interested please email me at [email protected] with the answers to the questions below:

    1) What kind of blackhat interests you? (SEO, spamming social networks, etc.)

    2) Have you done any previous blackhat projects and if so, what? (if you don't want to disclose that's perfectly ok)

    3) What programming languages do you know, and how much experience do you have in those languages?

    4) How much time do you have to spend working on projects?
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    Send a pm to Bodeezy, Frequency, and DakNightFall. They're the best BH programmers on the forum.