Blackhat Betting Affiliate Method (With Twitter)

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    I remember a while back reading a post here about making a million dollars quickly. It involved getting a big email list, splitting it in two and offering insider advice on football results. You would narrow down a million email list until you had 1000 or so people who would buy anything you offered. A lot of people discredited the method because they couldn't get their hands on a million football fan emails. I had a little think for fun and came up with this idea. Yes, it's very blackhat. No, i've never done it.

    Go to twitter and follow 1500 people who follow Roger Federer.

    Create another account and follow 1500 people who follow Nadal.

    Hopefully around 800 will follow you back on each account. These guys will most likely be tennis fans.

    Look up when the next big tennis match is. Hype it up on each of your twitter accounts and hint at inside information - don't use exactly the same phrasing for each account. Even if people followed both accounts they shouldnt be able to tell it's the same person.

    Tell Federer followers that "Tennis Player A" will win and tell Nadal followers the opposite. After the game, tweet on the winning account reminding people you were right and that if they want info for the next game they should sign up here.

    Send them to your page which is like .

    That page has a squeeze page - very simple page which just says, "I have some inside info and know who will win the Nadal vs. Henman match". Let 200 people sign up to your Aweber list and as soon as 200 sign up, switch it for another aweber optin form for a different list.

    Do the same as you did for Twitter. Tell the first list Nadal will win and the second Henman will win.

    After the match contact the winning emails and tell them the next inside info is here:

    And do the same thing again as many times as you want depending on your initial list sizes.

    You'll end up with 50 - 100 EXTREMELY qualified leads - not only have these guys won every time and believe in you greatly but they've also confirmed this because they've jumped through your hoop to OPT IN 3 or 4 times!!!!

    Tell them "I learnt everything from this guy... He showed me how to successfully bet on tennis games and win every time... check him out...i haven't got time to email you new tips for each game. I've made a fortune out of this..."

    And send them to a tennis-betting affiliate offer...

    You'll most likely get a VERY high conversion rate if you pick a good offer.

    Once again, this is just an idea. I have never tried this. It is very blackhat and I don't recommend it :)

    I'd be interested to know your thoughts.
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    well that's not such a bad idea at all. nice twist on the method. problem with this is it's fine line between being legal and illegal. but if done right it should give you a nice amount of leads

    thx for the good info
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    This is what people call "thinking outside the box". I am very happy to see it.
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    nice bro.. keep it up
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    what a shame, such a great method and op got no thanx