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Black link Optimization Strategy

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by felixjsc, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. felixjsc

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    Jan 13, 2012
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    Hello, everybody, I am a SEOer, is also a selling black chain, in fact, the we SEOer may know, usually buy black chain are lucrative industry, many SEOer want to try the industry, it is quite suitable for the rich to buy black chain may requires strength, dare risk doing it, in fact, no matter what the want to make money.

    Talk about the black chain, black chain's reputation really bad, but regardless of the black hat white hat earn money line, black chain can still be duty-bound to help some websites to improve rankings, I sometimes find them in a lot of customers buy black chain the buy black link is always directed at pr and the number of candidates did SEO's next would also like to talk about their own buy black chain black chain to improve strategies through this article.

    New site for a new domain name

    How to define this new station? Defined here as the new station is to refer to the new domain name, just registered the domain name, and never submitted to the various engine, this time to the next view, you want to buy a black link can give their own website maintenance update two hundred articles, and then buy some middle-and high-quality black chain, so that the new station to have a suitable good starting point, you can let the content quickly is included, of course, we hope that the content of your site as much as possible pseudo-original, if good case Keywords can be two weeks after collection of ranked, at this time, you can maintain two weeks in efforts to increase the update may, at their discretion, continue to buy black chain to improve keyword ranking, if your new station and a single page then, I think may be your single page has been optimized appropriate, you may also have their own optimization strategy, the next is also talk about their own views or suggestions!, if your site is new stations and keyword ranking is done through a single page next recommend that you take the low-key line, slowly add black link stable, does not require much high-quality, keyword ranking may enhance slower, but you can rest assured that not K off.

    Do the new station for the old domain name

    Has a large number of the old domain name you may have to do the site for a long time, basic SEO knowledge, SEO theory of what can be skilled application master the old domain name to do a new station in the recent the next experiment the feature is included fast, new content available articles content is superior ranking one day, the next day is deleted ranking this situation from time to worry about the normal maintenance update, presumably gradually on the right track after a month, gradually increase the purchase can other sites stable As for the black chain, can also be purchased These snapshots week a small amount of black even guide the spider.

    For the old domain name and old website

    Presumably your income has been a lot may be a lot of SEO methods and strategies work for you, maybe you would say that the money to be low-key ~ ~ ~, ah, in fact, a man or a low-key point is good, after all, a lot of confusion on the network and I very much hope You can become a black chain customers, honor, and I think I really do not have to say anything, if you need to buy a black chain, then can come here to see black link.

    Black chain if purchased

    Black chain is one thing, each SEOer worth trying if you have the leisure to find a profitable keyword to do a blog, try black chain, can be considered black chain can prove good in the end! Many SEO factors, even white there will be a lot of unexpected things even mad hat SEO, I hope you do website optimization flat mentality ...
  2. LakeForest

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    keyword is black chain and/or black link.

    this is some of the worst spinning I've ever seen.

    quit with dignity.