Black Hat World Sandboxed


Jul 26, 2010
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just seen that blackhatworld sendboxed in google

did you seen this ?/?
That really is good news as BHW was getting too well known and it was getting to where you couldn't discuss anything out in the open without the whole world knowing your plans before you even have a chance to implement them.

I don't know how the Admins feel about this but personally I think this is a good thing. Also, it will keep the greenest of noobs away. Nothing against noobs but it would be nice to have a community that is at least somewhat educated in Affiliate Internet Marketing ways.
i wish i could keep it sandboxed. i mean BHW is becoming well known, bringing in more spam and scams,i get tired of the same ole' question like "how to i make monies on the interweb" from someone who has no post, seriously, just read alot and you will make money if its meant for you to make money
didnt blackhat world used to be like some underground society?
Thats really Great News! Y? As Cyrus Said, its really boring and waste of time looking over same topics started everyday like help me to make money, help me to get accepted to a cpa network, help me to setup dns on my (free)hosting account and replies (from noobs) like i can get you on top of google for any keywords, i can get you 10000 twitter accounts over night, i will do whatever you wish, regards, thank you sir, i'll fulfill your dream, BHW is BHGW - BlackHatGoldWorld :D Why Don't those Noobs Use the Search Function or Simply View All threads posted by Harro and Diamond Dave?

Recently i searched on shit lists and found that lot of scamming happened on past 2 yrs!

So what is the best way to get rid of this?


As We know when someone registers here, an automated welcome letter will be mailed to them saying

Thanks for registering at Black Hat Forum Black Hat SEO!

If you are NEW to black hat marketing I highly recommend you check out the censored. com

It will catch you up to speed and start you on your path to making money!

We've Godly Mods here who're protecting, guiding and teaching us several new things everyday. It'll be better if there is a short description and highlighted Do's and Dont's and Some Links to Harro's Threads to the welcome letter as well as in First Welcome PM.

Again BHW Sandboxed?
Thats Good! Prevention is Better than Cure!
omg, that Gaylord gonna steal our traffic

botnets, at my signal, unleash hell :D
no it isn't sanboxed if I do a search bhw will be in the top 5 positions
Yes it is sandboxed. But there are so many "fake" websites as blackhatworld . org..
Yes it is sandboxed. But there are so many "fake" websites as blackhatworld . org..

Sandboxing means the search engine will NOT show pages from a site.

search and it will show 26k+ results, hence it has not been sandboxed.

its more like it's being outranked by crappy sites for the term "blackhatworld" but does that matter? NO because BHW doesn't rely on google to get its traffic, instead it relies on its NAME.
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