Black Hat World Benefits - Introduction - Thank YOU !!

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    I have known Black Hat World (BHW) since few years. But honestly this is the forum teaching, helping, spoon feeding me all over the years. I have sum up few benefits of Black Hat Forum. Some of the benefits are:

    1. You can find each and every information on BHW what GOOGLE (or other search engines) can not give to you
    2. Its simple, clean and to the point forum.
    3. The community over here is of 2 types either taking or giving. By taking I mean asking a question and by giving I mean always helping not just with non sense comments but with valuable information which goes above an beyond.
    4. The post which you type over here always rank well on Google too, so nothing is wasted whatever time you spend over here.
    5. The Forum generously gives you offer to write anything on your signature with your company name or website link. With that it means BHW forum loves to help you too to rank your business, website on search engines too. I have known hundreds of forums, they give so less space or no space at all specially when it comes to signature. However BHW signature is big, bold and beautiful.
    6. There are moderators and administrators taking care of everything - making it clean and simple
    7. You find every information here in lot of niches specifically when it comes to go online or using your computer.
    8. Its an open community from all over the world, talking, commenting, sharing and helping. Whenever you do a post - you will see the reply within seconds. I can bet you no other forum can beat that response rate.
    9. On this Forum you will see highest number of comments, views, replies and much more to any post. Not even a single forum on this planet earth can beat that maths.
    10. The paid membership is with the least amount when in terms of calculating what it giving to your business or website.

    Love to be a part of BHW community - Hope you enjoy your stay over here too - Drop a line or say thanks if you love what you see over here :)
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    Glad you like it here.

    Enjoy Your Stay! :)

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    very very true mate :)
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    Thnx for the advices.
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    Hey there, welcome to BHW! :)

    I'm DeeDee, wish you best of luck. ;)