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    Of all places, Bill Sardi just wrote a column on LRC about Google that mentions BH SEO, and speculates on Google's real motive for cracking down:

    "Google says it is attempting to evaluate website content to eliminate false measures of page rankings. So-called search engine optimization (SEO) experts have sprung up to help you optimize Google searches for your name or topics related to your name, products or services. But SEOs are divided into white hat and black hat operations. Google is attempting, via its continually update algorithm, to obfuscate the black hat SEOs. Top-line SEO firms should prod you to work on generating quality content for your site rather posting computer generated content to generate traffic. The black-hat SEOs have come up with a variety of nefarious methods to produce undeserved top page rankings on Google..."


    "...Yes, Google?s new algorithm eliminated 12% of all online searches where content farms were creating poorly written articles stuffed with keywords to artificially elevate webpage rankings. But I don?t trust Google either. It has secret components of its algorithm which I?m sure involve profitability, that is, ranks the sites that generate the most income, not the best content, for Google.

    Google is a for-profit entity and certainly has the right to maximize its profits. But if Google is saying content is king and then its secret algorithm prioritizes profits, this may confound your efforts to generate traffic at your site based on content.

    It may not dawn upon you that Google is pushing you towards advertise using Google Adwords while saying you need to improve content. Google works on two streets, one is free page ranking and the other is paid advertising. Don?t develop crossed wires over this in your efforts to optimize traffic to your site.

    If you are buried on page 23 at Google Search and can?t develop deep content at your site and there is no way you can compete with the big boys by bidding top price for Google Adwords, hiring an SEO agent may not be fruitful..."