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    Hello all:

    Just wanted to make a quick introduction- I go by "Boogie" and live in the Kansas City area- pretty obvious from the name.

    I work in a finance position (not a techie at all) locally and am in a program that grooms leadership at the company. I own my home, car (paid off), have a B.A. in Economics and MBA from two top ranked schools, reasonably successful with women and can pay for (not necessarily "afford"- there's a difference) most of my wants. At 29, by conventional standards I have a "great job" and am "successful."


    I believe that life is a mission and not a career! If we are bound by old ideas of success- i.e., go to college, grad school, get a good job, get married, have kids, go into debt while doing all this and retire at 65- then true personal progress and development is limited. The only winner is the structure that sucks value from you and transfers it to their bottom line. Well I WANT MY VALUABLE ASSETS (i.e., MY MIND) TO GO TO ME! This thinking is in part how I arrived at this Forum.

    About 6 weeks ago, a friend of a friend invited me to join a group that invests in web marketing tools (purposely vague- please don't ask, besides I don't have enough knowledge to explain). When I heard about the concept and the types of returns he made- my thoughts were 1) bull***t; 2) sounds too good to be true- must be illegal; and 3) how come everyone isn't doing this. But, based on my friend's rec (friend 1) and as I got to better know his friend (friend 2) I got comfortable with friend 2's character and level of integrity I decided to research the opportunity.

    Long and short, I researched it and found out it was legal. A few days later I met the "brains" behind the operation and based on his explanation and openness (and my observation that he could "afford" his wants) I figured it wasn't bull***t and joined the team a few weeks ago. As I continued to research this opportunity, I became more interested in other web based opportunities- remember I am a Finance guy. I kept seeing "Black Hat" and "White Hat" pop up in relation to the types of ideas I had. That research led me here. I also own a bunch of undeveloped domain names that I want to learn how to profit from.

    I am looking to use the lessons here to improve my quality of life (not just financially but even upping my technical aptitude) and to encourage others to be creative in finding "non-conventional" ways to improve theirs. I have been lurking for a few days before I joined and this seems like a place where people have similar mindsets.

    Right now, I probably can't contribute much in the area of tech but am open to discussions around finance, business, investing and marketing concepts. Most times will log on after 9PM or so my time, so responses may be delayed.

    Look forward to learning and contributing!
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    Welcome abroad man. I like to see more and more people that want to start on their own
    Good luck with your domains
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    Las Islas Filipinas
    welcome Boogie baby! another addition to the roster of intellectuals here in BHW