Black Hat Marketing Conference 2010 - Where should it be?

Vancouver, no doubt! If the Olympics are there, why not the blackhat conference :D ???
Anywhere as long as its not in a suburb. Such a pain in the ass when it says a meeting is in a certain city then turns out to be in some impossible to get to suburb.
I greatly appreciate everyone's insight, humor and otherwise advice. The location of where this event should be has been a difficult one. Based on the responses here and in addition to other places the main people setting this up have decided to hold it in either

Toronto or Vancouver

A tentative date has been set-up in November. And it looks like it will be 8 hours long. The other cool thing that one of the board members suggested for those that can't attend is to provide a Live Video Feed of the entire event in action. If anyone is interested in getting more details as this event formulates please feel free to contact [email protected]

Again, thanks for everyone's insight!
That's funny, I just got through talking with Joakim Noah about this today and he say's that we should have it in Cleveland, Ohio. He says it's beautiful there this time of year. :greddy2:

It seems to me alot of people on here happen to live in California. My vote would have to be Los Angeles, mainly because I'm sure it'd be easy to find a place to host it, many many hotels in that area host conferences and whatnot all the time. Also close to a major airport LAX of course also accessible by AmTrak for cheaper travel..

If there was something like this in LA I just might actually attend it.
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