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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Lucy1984, Feb 25, 2012.

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    Can't seem to figure out what is goofy with my BHAR (Black Hat Autoresponder) set up.

    I currently have my master accounts in the POP3 (from CLAD) along with the POP3 for some random Yahoo's that I also have in SMTP.

    So basically, it reads all my emails from my master account on CLAD, then sends a response email back from one of the 2 randoms I have in the SMTP. It has been working, I am getting traffic. However, I keep finding this error under Monito - SMTP:
    2012/2/24 Thread:1 2 Smtp Accounts Availabe
    2012/2/24 Thread:1 Matching/Specified Account not available, email cancelled

    I have 2 temples, one that responses on the initial response and one if the individual is to respond back from the initial response. I have set up as priority 1 and 2 in my templates. But for some reason, I am getting this error. Not sure what it is?