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Black Friday advice for purchase of digital goods

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by littlewebdragon, Nov 25, 2016.

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    Dec 30, 2007
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    sometimes we want to purchase everything that is on sale LOL, but there is not enough funds at given time.

    Here is one simple advice that will help some of you get what you really want to purchase with discount if you don't have funds immediately but you will have in few days or during a week or so (depending of the company).

    Over the time I've used this method myself to get what I need with discount even if funds were not there but on their way (pending payment, waiting for payout etc). This buys you some time. :)

    This does not apply to ALL companies but it can be applied to many and works. :)

    When you go to purchase, there is a process in most cases with companies.

    >>>>>>> Order => Invoice => Invoice paid => Order processing (you get a product)

    If you go trough the process with (somewhat like this process) and you get your order. You get your invoice you are ready and you can wait. Companies sometimes leave unpaid invoices for week or so available, this means that if you applied coupon you are good to and you can pay in a week. Let me explain further.

    So you would actually do like this, let's say you are waiting for payment on Wednesday. Obviously no Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals will be available then, just do it like this TODAY.

    >>>>>>> Order => Invoice => ... Nothing. Wait.

    Then, when you get payment just make a payment and continue process:
    >>>>>>> ... Invoice paid => Order processing (you get a product)

    Hope this helps some of you guys waiting for funds to get what you want during this weekend even if you pay on next Friday. :)