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Bitch slap needed for Social Bookmaking

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by biks, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. biks

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    Oct 28, 2008
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    OK, I think I know enough now to hurt myself. Could someone check my logic on going about using social bookmarking sites?

    Let's say I've got a 50 page website on travel that covers 50 different cities. I want to promote every page, not just my index page. Each page has unique, descent content.

    I wander over to a place like stumbleupon and start entering my pages. All 50 of 'em, all under one account, all pointing to the same domain. I assume this is BAD. Stumbleupon doesn't want to see you yanking your own chain, right? They'll dump my account, right?

    So how many pages CAN I promote from one domain, one account on one IP before any flags are raised? 5? 10? 15? I assume tossing in other links to my friends make it look like I'm not just promoting myself.

    This is obvious, but let me go over this one last time. I want as many links as possible from any particular social bookmarking site - but they need to look like many people uploaded them, not just one IP that's created a bunch of different accounts. How many accounts can I create off of one IP (and submit the same things) before I generally get dumped? 5? 10? 15? If I buy and use something like Social Bookmarking Demon, this will automate this process, but there's a limit to how far I can take it with multiple accounts on one IP, right?

    So the final solution is this: I install Tor (or a proxy switcher) and create different accounts all under different IPs. I can then keep doing this until I collapse at my keyboard, uploading my same 50 webpage links over and over again?

    Is this a fairly common thing to do? Do social bookmarking sites generally get a sense of where these proxys come from?

    Oh yea..this is a great forum. Don't know why it took me this long to find you guys. Thanks.