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Nov 22, 2018
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hi guys,

I run a few 'streaming' 'pirated' sites and since June, Bing suddenly deindexed my sites?
did they do some major updates, it was getting 600uv / day from bing though,

any blackhat guru's out there can help with giving me some advice?

1.) how do I check if my site is penalized in bing webmaster tools?
2.) can I do a 301 redirect to a new domain www1.samedomain etc
3.) is there a work around? or just give up rn....

the streaming niche is very very tough rn.
any suggestions would help

This has been a major problem with bing for a good while already,
you can check that bing did deindex a different set of websites even the purely white hat built ones reported in here,
idk how the case would be for a streaming website, but you should try contacting their support 1st, this did fix the problem for many people out there
Bing once deindexed my website as well. In the webmasters you get an option to raise the ticket for same, do check out
I'm assuming the competition can just report the url and get me deindexed quite easy with bing.
I think you can use a wordpress plugin can submit your sitemap again to them.
Did You contact their Support?
Я просто связываюсь с их службой поддержки сейчас, жду их ответа
I have the same problem. Five of my sites were de-indexed from bing. I wrote to tech support, got different answers with the same meaning: We'll figure it out, wait for an answer. For 7 days no answer. Let's stick together, maybe get back in the search. White sites, nothing forbidden, the texts are unique, I do not understand anything.
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