Biggest mistake in my life to date


@giorgi welcome to BHW! this is Black Hat forum but we often talk about other things - we are a happy family. please let us know if you have any questions...
Bit late to worry about it once you've bought it, though you can always dispute it if an Atari st turns up instead.
Firstly, how is this the biggest mistake of your life? The damn thing hasn't even turned up yet, you could have got yourself a bargain!

Secondly..... what the fuck?
Your paying via paypal. They almost aways side with the buyer if the item is not what it is claimed to be. I wouldn't worry to much.
It's just a bad idea to buy big ticket items on ebay... what's wrong with You're simply not going to get a genuine seller selling a brand new macbook for 50%. The item is not real, and your money is gone. Now, cheer up :)
"and hes from Birmingham"........oh dear.

I've bought expensive items off ebay but only after I've spoke to the seller and got a satisfactory back story, copies of original purchase receipt etc. You're in the UK you are probably only an hour from the midlands I would have only bought it if I was able to jump into the car and pay cash two hours after the sale.

I doubt its the biggest mistake you will make in your life but I would'nt be too confident of it going smoothly.
This is not the right section to post this, so make sure to post in the right section next time.

And to answer your question, check out the seller's feedback but I am pretty sure that looks fishy. Try looking for deals at other better websites which are a lot more secure and safe.
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