Biggest hurdle so far: getting credit for my leads

Discussion in 'CPA' started by boxchevy, May 7, 2009.

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    Hey guys, I know this might look a bit long but I know I'm not the only one experiencing this and I appreciate any insight you might want to contribute. Note I know alot of the shaving is on the advertiser end, don't mean to use network/advertiser interchangeably, blame game is not my point here. Moving on,

    I've been testing 3 different offers accross 3 different networks using the good ol' poll method. Results to date: 75 clicks 1 conversion. This method has given me a conservative 20% conversion in the past and I know people are filling it out. Now, here are my theories:

    1. When I see an offer labeled "email submit" I take it to mean I will get credit for a lead when the user puts in his email in the email field and hits "continue". Now maybe the meaning of email submit has changed in the past year to mean "email submit with email confirmation" or "email submit with second page fill out" or "email submit from non gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. accounts" or whatever the advertiser that's reviewing my lead feels are good criteria to make sure the leads are up to his standard (I don't know about you but alot of their LP's are deceiving as hell so I don't know how can they be expecting every person that puts in their email to go on to fill out the program requirements). Like come on, some of these offers are so shady, most if not all have to trick people to sign up, what kinda leads do they expect? :confused:

    2. They don't like the poll method and have seen my referring url and just put my shit on pause until I just give up. I know some of you are gonna say duh, you should've blanked or faked your referrer, what were you thinking. I don't consider the poll method blackhat and have read noted ebooks mentioning it as a legit white hat method and know of people that haven't blanked referrers and were still getting good conversions no problems. My thinking was this: if I can be straight up with my network then that'll just make things easier with my AM and just all around better for my relationship with the network/advertiser. Why lie if from all accounts, it is considered white hat.

    Finally, I have to say I understand a bit of shaving to compensate for those totally fraudulent leads but damn, why would I want to put in all that effort for one measly lead? Really, out of all the leads they are receiving, I know mine ain't that bad, what gives?
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    Lots of these offers are scrubbing/shaving all to hell. Test more offers from different advertisers.

    Also sometimes if an advertiser already has an email in their database, they won't fire the pixel and pay for it. Like I said, pick offers with less of a scrub or find different types of offers. :(