biggest amount you have ever invested on Im


Jul 10, 2013
am planing on making something big that requires a lot of capital, i have people willing to invest in it and so far i got the amount need for the bussiness. (online)and after thinking some friends and family say am investing so much capital in it. and it got me thinking about the other side of what if?, whats the hightst amount you have ever invested on something online and what was the result?
Nothing big yet, but I have an idea and I will put in 2K, me and a partner..maybe each add in another 2-3 hundreds if necesary
Just dont go broke buddy. I personally spend $500 to $1000 per niche site, and don't spend a dime more until I see ROI.
I have spent $2k-$3k a month on internet marketing before. I know other people who spend a lot more than that, too.

I feel like that internet marketing is one of those things that, if done correctly, the more you invest, the more you can expect on returns.
Interesting, as a teen and very nw to this all, it's cool to learn about this, but spending 2000 on what exactly, advertising?
The biggest single amount of money invested in IM was my last $8,000. I spent it on media buying.
I have spent 3k on a site and turned that into 60k. I have also spent 5k to make 150 dollars.... so invest wisely!
okay seems like if you know what your doing its all good thanks,
So far im about $350 in on tools and im in the process of purchasing a new pc that will cost about 700-900.
So far the most expensive thing i have spent on is lsarning. My learning curve has been quite a journey and the best thing is that most of it came from this 2009 blog i made. That has been my luckiest charm as it ranked on its own without any influence of my own.

After learning everything i have, im pretty sure this second half of 2014 will be the first time i will see some money from my seo efforts.

Im pretty sure that without that 2009 blog, i wouldnt have the small investment needed to go through my learning curve :)
I have spent a lot more that my actual budget , but failed to get back a good Roi.. but I learned lot of valuable lessons from that moment onward..
I spent $1500 in 2012 without any results. The websites were from highly competitive niches and I did not know how to really make them rank. I later abandoned those sites after I was fed up maintaining them

I have spent a lot more that my actual budget , but failed to get back a good Roi.. but I learned lot of valuable lessons from that moment onward..
I would recommend you to first do it in small scale first and see if it actually works.
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