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    I believe the original thread has been removed and I have no idea why.

    I joined BFRLN Jan 3,08 and have given updates every month.

    I won't go into details about the program but will give this update as members who know about the program or have followed my updates in the past my find some use************

    All right this is my 3rd update and unfortunately my last as far as a member of BigFatRichLoser.

    Here are my exact stats for the month of March:

    Adsense revenue - $170.78

    Commissions - $468.96

    Total gross income for March - $639.74

    Now to me these numbers look awesome from the outside. I mean damn if I
    Could build on March's numbers I would have re-upped for 3 more months
    at $675.00/3mo ($225/mo but you are required to pay for 3 months).

    Understand I made a little money in eBay at one time and a little money and
    Still do in writing articles but nothing steady so I can't get on this forum and
    Say I made $100,000/yr or my PayPal account has a quarter mil in it. So when
    I say $639.74 looks awesome; I'm not kidding!

    Now here's the down fall ? My adsense income totaled $170.78 for March but
    in a 10-day period near the middle of the month I averaged $10.00 to $13.00 per
    day so I was ramping it up right, WTF I mean in one day and till the end of the month
    my income dropped to an average of $2.25 per day. I have no idea why? My hits
    dropped wickedly as well as clicks dropped obviously.

    Now noticing this when the drop first started to happen, I tried to see if anything
    Was obviously wrong such as sites de indexed. Dammit I checked every domain,
    All 280 and besides the ones I put up near the end and may not of had time to get
    indexed, the balance were NOT de indexed ? not one of them WTF!

    So I contacted a fellow BFRLN member whom I won't mention as I did not ask
    Permission to use his name and we had exchanged email in the past so I have no
    Reason not to believe him if his numbered had drastically dropped off and he
    reported his numbers were good. So I guess because I don't know any better it was
    me?? I did something wrong so I emailed Peter of BFRLN with I think about 7
    days left and asked for advice because my numbers had become so poor that I was
    not 100% sure I would even break even for the next 3 months, I also made it clear
    I would not, no could not go again due to drop off unless I could change it quick
    ? He never responded.

    Now saying all this I am not blaming Peter, in the past I have stated he was quick
    to respond to help and did what he said he would, which was send traffic. That being
    said he did not respond to my last request and I really wanted him to because I
    believed this opportunity to be the real thing.

    So there it is, everything I have just reported is true to the best of my knowledge.
    If Peter is a member I welcome him to correct any incorrect information I have
    Stated, if I had received information that this happened to other members I guess
    I would hold him a little more responsible.

    As far as my commissions they dropped but not near as drastic as my adsense.

    Good luck to everyone in BFRLN hope you guys keep use informed and good
    Luck to everyone in BHW.
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    which plan did you go with?
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    I went with the 400. I also used subdomains, I was alloted 125 domain names.

    just a quick update, I received an email from Peter stating they were in the process of some major upgrading and he had mentioned a few of the updates that sounded cool #1 being a templete generator.

    So I am going to keep an ear close to the ground with BFRLN as they elvolve and who knows maybe I will give it a go after I make a few bucks.