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    I'm creating a new social media. As this is really hard to do, and near impossible to succeed with, I want to get myself the best designer. After that, all promotion, investing, etc. will be on me. As I need someone that I can trust, someone that is sure he can create this beautiful advanced website into a breathing social media network that people will like visiting, with a lot of functionalities, and the possibility to stand next to facebook and twitter in case of luck, I am here searching for that opportunity.

    Think you can do that, for a good price (or a strong trust in my product)? Send me a DM and tell me what you would ask for creating a total social media network. All I got is the layout (responsive), a CSS to make it pink, some pictures I bought, and a list of idea's. Without going into too much debt, I'd like to get an inbox from you what you would ask for creating an advanced social media network. If I like you offer, I will go deeper with you and see If we're right for each other. So without further ado, just simply send me your price for an advanced social media network.

    Only true designers, I'm more of a marketer and an idea designer, only true web-designers on my project please.

    I've possibly found my designer already so I'll only respond to really good offers.

    - Me.
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