Big Music Labels : Ignoring 4K Music Videos still

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    So Taylor Swift's latest music video is being pushed hard by the media and yotube, so I checked it out to see what the hype is all about. The video is pretty cool, but it tops out at 1080p. Its freaking 2015, 4K has been out for several years and isn't that expensive to produce, a video like "Bad Blood" needs to be in 4K. Although video resolution doesn't make a video good or not in terms of artistic design its still nice to have higher quality resolution.

    Big Machine Records is pretty decent size company that has popular artists such as Tim McGraw ,Taylor Swift, Zach Brown Band Rascall Flats so they should really be able to afford 4K video cameras as well as upgraded computers for rendering the videos.

    Several of their artists have appeared in the top earning musicians for the past several years earning loads of money:

    Taylor Swift : $64 million
    2013 :
    Taylor Swift : $55 million
    Tim McGraw : $33 million
    2012 :
    Taylor Swift : $57 million
    Taylor Swift : $45 million
    Rascal Flatts : $34 million

    I'm not going to go into a more detailed analysis of all their artists youtube views since they joined(some such as Tim Mcgraw joined Big Machine Records in 2012) but since swift has always been with Big Machine Records I'll just use that one.

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    Views : 4,776,150,345
    Average Daily Views : 2,172,952

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    Average Daily Views : 527,657

    Popularity difference of a single singer vs an entire record label : 4.11

    Latest Music Videos:
    "Bad Blood" Music Video
    Debut 17 May 2015
    Views : 4,295,780
    ADV : 4,295,780

    "HEY MOMICHE" by ESIL Duran Music Video
    Debut 15 May 2015
    Views : 55,933
    ADV : 18,644

    Popularity Difference Currently 230.31

    There is no reason that labels like Big Machine Records, ones owned by Sony and Universal should be using substandard 1080p videos in 2015. Its even worse for record companies owned by Sony, since Sony also makes 4K tv's.
    Even if the reason for "Bad Blood" to not be in 4K is to it being such a big production, videos like "Dear Future Husband" by Meghan Trainor which are simple(produced by Sony) in the style of "HEY MOMICHE" should easily be in 4K. I've checked loads of music videos by major labels and none are in 4K even if its for a famous musician.

    Freaking Porn companies started switching to 4K content back in 2013 and porn isn't even as big as an industry as the music industry.

    Even if they weren't going to upload in 4K they should at least be selling it and adding information about buying a music video in 4K in the description on youtube.
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    There are few moments and places in porn where I would like to zoom in without wear and tear in the picture, or we can say every single detail is monitored closely so the person in front of screen feels it's him instead of the 'Whatever it is'. So, 4k video is justified here.

    Music Videos are watched more as an whole and minor details are ignored. Still switching to 4k won't harm them.
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    Its just that 4K allows colors to stand out more, and certain scenes look much better. Even on a 1080p monitor their is a huge difference between 4K and 1080p due to chroma subsampling.
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    I was planNing on doing a update after 1 week. But the views for "Bad Blood" is skyrocketing compared to the 4k music video from Planeta. It was 29 million when I just checked and it got some more free advertising from the Today Show

    They said on TV that the video was some kind of "fail" but unless it cost way too much that even 800 million to a 1 billion views on youtube and royalties from tv play won't see it break even, I don't see how it can be a fail.

    I'm just 4K activist lol, ever since I watched a video in it last year. If somene such as Taylor Swift launched a music video in 4K it will help to spread it's popularity in the music industry.
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