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Jul 1, 2009
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so i was talking to my friend today..and he told me that he made $251
from BIGMONEYPTC and i said good..keep it up
then he asked me a "Q" that
do u know whether this is a Reputed Company..?
and do they even pay or not..?
just because i don't have any info about them so i told him that i will give him the answer after some time..
so i m searching for the Answers...i don't want him to waste his time on something which is useless

so did u ever use bigmoneyptc ?

do they even pay ?

or is it just a scam ?

do u think he will be able to get his earnings ($251) from this site ?

Hmm in my opinion PTC sux..

So i need ur review about BIGMONEYPTC

isn't there anyone..who has worked with BMPTC ?
so he wasted his time on this
i hate these type of websites.. :D
lol I knew one who made $15k on a bux paying $5 per click :D :D And he thought he will get paid- YEAH RIGHT!
Who must be that stupid to pay $1 per click ? ;)
..i told him that it is a scam..
and he did not believe me lol...

Now he will suffer the consequences :D..coz he will not be able to buy a new xbox 360 haha
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