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    Myself and a partner own over 5,000 very high quality domains that are 99% .coms . These domains are keyword domains and span about every category you can think of that all the CPA companies have cpa offers available for. We are looking to partner with people who have the ability to setup a cpa offer on a domain and take advantage of the natural traffic they get as well as possibly using any other talents you may have to generate additional traffic and conversions ie. adwords, blog posts, etc.

    For example: "truth about six pack abs" a Cbank cpa would go on a great fitness domain.


    "12 hour yeast infection cure" on a gynecologist guide dot com domain.


    "water 4 gas" cpa program on a great hydrogen generating site.

    50/50 split and likely more depending how good you are. This is an opportunity to put your talents to work in a scaleable model and generate serious revenue on either a long or short term basis You could pick one domain or multiple domains in a single category or in multiple categories. You all will probably have an area where you are stronger and only focus on that category or break out to a different category and test the waters.

    So if you have this kind of knowledge and some landing page/content skills and are ready to make some money either email or PM me.

    Looking forward to seeing who wants to step up.