Big JV Opportunity - Office of 50+ ready to scale your SEO/SPAM skills!

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    We are looking to JV with an SEO/Spammer that is ready and able to scale his knowledge/skills to great heights.

    We have an office based out in the Philippines, we have about about 50 heads currently. We have Content writers, designers, developers, server administrators and customer support call agents.

    Our company has not yet gone 24 hours, so that means we should be able to fit another 100 people in the office if we wish.

    So in short... if you want scale your SEO/Spam knowledge. We can do it.

    Whether you want to rank our youtube videos or web 2.0's or if you want to build a legit business that will result in us getting quick returns. We can SCALE it quickly!

    We've had a couple of JV's with different people over the past year from BHW. We've been capable of creating up to 100 landing pages in a week, all for products/services/cpa offers in different niches. With each niche undergoing a heavy research before the launch of the website itself.

    What we can do -

    Niche/Keyword research
    Sales Content writing
    Web design
    Web development
    Create youtube videos
    Create and monitor social media pages
    Create web 2.0 sales pages
    Create Organisation flow charts/spreadsheets, to ensure quick deploy of each website launched.
    Buy domains
    Buy hosting

    What You can potentially do -

    Email marketing


    We would ultimately want the JV to be 50/50.

    As for taking the payments, we can share either a Paypal together, OR we share an affiliate/CPA program. All of this we can set up together.

    If you wish to gain trust for the first month. You can receive money to begin with, and then make weekly payouts to us.

    You will need to show previous projects of your own that you have have driven traffic to.

    Please PM me your skype if interested. And we will move onto have a voice chat and discuss plans from here onwards.

    We are only looking to JV with people who are serious and have the time spare to work on our projects. Do not take on this project if you are not able to dedicate part of your time to it.

    We look forward to working with you.