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Big headache about to run that business you could, but can NOT.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Bau Venden, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Bau Venden

    Bau Venden Newbie

    Apr 13, 2017
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    Dear Members of Blackhatworld !

    I live in Hungary, and here the law and tax paying and all rules are different compare to other country in the world.

    I have opportunity to make an online business with products that are not even come in to my country, i just connect my buyers to my factory that i found in China when i was traveling there. It is a kind of drop shipping business, but there is bigger opportunity.

    The problem is start from there i can not move the money again and again through my bank account in Hungary in big meaning.

    I have to pay to my Chinese factory through Bank account, after i got the money from my buyers to Paypal, which also if i want to withdraw, i have to send from Paypal to my Bank account again. (I know there are several way to withdraw money without bank, but the easiest and cheapest is to send that money to bank account which connected originally) , and after the money on the bank, send it to my Chinese partner.

    But it is kind of illegal in big quantity and money moving in Hungary(but i guess almost everywhere). I can not even pay tax, so that is why it is not easy.

    I can get bill from the item if i would ask my partner that i’ve been already selling, but it is not that easy again to put that bill into a company in Hungary.

    First of all because the product came from China, without coming inside my country, plus the item i sold is sometimes law protected product, even if it’s original. (I’m not selling fake, or not authentic items..Just not paid to the brand owner for that law to sell it…)

    I have friends around the world who could maybe help me as to do this business through him/her, but what do you think if it’s a good way to do?! Workable?!

    Any idea, advice? It is a kind of big headache to me, yes it is big, because i can not run the business i could do..

    Workable advice appreciate it, not for free…

    Thank you in advance!
    Anything much appreciate it!